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Top 5 Summer Must-Haves for Families with Little Kids

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

(This post contains affiliate links)#summermusthaves2019

Yay, it's summer! A summer long of, "mommy I'm bored!" As moms, we don't have the energy we use to have when we were in High School. We can really only last about 5 minutes of playing tag and 2 seconds on the trampoline. So, this summer, how can we survive and also have an amazing time creating memories with our families?

First, we don't have to go in panic attack mode when we hear our kids say, " I'm bored." I use to go in panic attack mode because in my head I'm thinking I have to entertain them ALL DAY! False, our kids can be satisfied after a game or two of UNO game, hugs plus kisses every 10 minutes, and an intentional 3-5 minutes alone time with each kid. They don't want to be entertained all day they just want to know that you are there for them when they do need you. Once they feel secure and loved they go and entertain themselves.

Second, invest money on games and outdoor activities. It doesn't have to be expensive.

Here are some stuff we invested in and our summer is going great. I really haven't heard the, "I'm bored" phrase yet and for this I'm feel like a winner.

Top 5 Summer Must-Haves for Families with little kids

Number 5 - Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler for Kids, 2 sitter. This car has been a life saver! We have a 6 & 5 year old and the fact that they both could ride at the same time has made life easier. They could enjoy it together and take turns driving. The best time to try to buy is this coming Amazon Prime Day. Click here to know more about Prime Day.

Number 4 - ORCC Kids Trampoline. We don't have a big backyard but this trampoline fits enough and the kids love it! They get along and have a great time and to me it's priceless. I'm not big on going in and jumping along with them but what I do to "include" myself in their game without hurting myself is through the water hose. I turn that on and create water games for them until my arm hurts and could no longer do the spraying:)

Number 3 - Cordless Microphone for Kids

Okay, this is one cracks me up the most. We really have a great time singing together. My kids love to sing. They practically memorized all the songs to their favorite Disney movies so why not go all the way with this microphone. We have a blast.

Guess what movie my kids are into right now?

Number 2 - Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent Deluxe XL

We live in Los Angeles and we are blessed to live only 30 minutes away from great beaches. We go every weekend so this tent has been great. We last longer at the beach without major sunburns. A definite must-have if you ask me:)

Number 1- The best $100 investment ever. If you don't have a pool in your backyard, this pool is perfect for you. it's cheap and seriously ours lasted for 2 years now. The kids swim in this pool for hours everyday. What a blessing! I work from home and so this pool has been helpful for me as well. They swim while I work and watch them on the sideline. So awesome!!

You will need to buy these other things if you want your pool to last longer. Chlorine tablets, Chlorine dispenser, Chlorine test strips, and Pool maintenance kit.

Wait! Click this code to get 50% discount on selected Bebebear products just for you for reading this post!!!!

Say goodbye to boredom and be your kid's hero this summer. Invest and you'll never regret it:) Have a happy summer!!!

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Tiffany Harrison
Tiffany Harrison
Jul 22, 2019

The intex pool looks like a great investment to keep the kids busy. Thanks for sharing these ideas ♥️ ♥️ By any chance, are you interested in doing collabs? xx

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