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Top 10 Back To School Supplies You Haven't Thought Of Yet (Preschool - Kindergarten)

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Are you ready for this year's homeschooling or distance learning? I know you've been shopping for school supplies and getting your learning space ready. But have you thought of these BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES yet? Check out the list to make sure you're ready. (Affiliate Links)


1) Mr. Pencil Grip - If your little is struggling with holding their pencils right then this back to school supply Mr. Pencil Grip is what you need. It's easy and did I mention cheap!

2) Create-a-space Storage Center - You definitely need this. If you think you don't... think again. Kids can become messy. Glue, pencils, scissors will be all over the place guaranteed. Having a place like this for all supplies that is accessible will make your life easier. Clean up will not sound like an impossible task. Kids can do it themselves and they will know where everything goes. Get it now!

3) Kids Beginner Microscope - Let's talk about having a fun science class this year! All you need to have in your classroom is a microscope. I mean, who doesn't enjoy looking into a microscope. Find out about this one here.

3) Reward Stickers - I don't know what it is about stickers... but kids definitely LOVE getting them. It encourages them to do a better job each time. Make sure to encourage them every time and put a sticker on their work, their arm, or their forehead :) They will love it!

4) Arts & Crafts Apron - a MUST HAVE!!! If you're sensitive about stains in your kid's clothes then this is a must have. They will spill glue all over them. They will "accidentally write on their new clothes. They will roll in paint. This is also perfect for messy science experiments! Get this now If you want to save money on buying clothes this year.

5) Magazine File Folders - Whether you are homeschooling one kid or multiples these folders will keep you organized. You can put finished homework on one and homework that needs to be done on another. You can have one for each kid. Get it now!

Back To School Supplies you haven't thought of yet and definitely need

6) Map of the World - We used our map all the time! The kids had fun looking for different countries and learning about them. You can get my flags of the world worksheets to go along with this map. My kids loved it!

7) Sports Cones - Get this to do something active and get their energy out. Perfect for an indoor or outdoor PE and games. Get it now!

8) Incentive Reward Cards - Kid motivator for sure. You can use these cards to motivate your kids to finish their weekly goals. Get this pack of 100 today.

9) Set of New Wooden Puzzles - Start school with a fun activity like puzzles to make learning less stressful for your kids. Learning should be fun at this age anyway. Puzzles are great for problem solving skills. Get this set now or explore other ones here.

10) Mom Mug - You can do it, Mommas!!! Get this mug, use it before school time, and fill with your favorite coffee, tea, or a special mix to help you get through the day.

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