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Top 5 Board Games For Homeschooling Younger Kids

Hi, Momma. Are you looking for creative ways to make learning fun for you and your kids?


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Top Board Games for Homeschoolers

1 - Candy Land

Candy Land is the perfect game for teaching colors and counting. It is the perfect board game for homeschooling younger students ages 3-5.

The original candy land made is celebrating its 65th anniversary and is on sale for $11.99 on Amazon. This version is better for older kids because it's a "longer" game. The space between each color is tiny and could be frustrating if two or three people end up on the same space. It has more colors and the road to finish line is longer. So, if you want a game that doesn't take 30 minutes to finish then don't get this version.

This Hasbro version of Candy Land is the one we played the most. The road blocks are bigger, could easily fit 2 people, and shorter distance to the finish line. It costs only $12.99 on Amazon.

If you have a little princess then this Disney Candy Land version is for you! On sale right now for $24.43


2 - Hasbro Scrabble Junior Game (5+)

This scrabble junior game is a great way to teach your kids spelling. Scrabble Junior is letter-matching fun game. It is a two-sided board game and has an advance level on the other side for older kids. Definitely a MUST for homeschoolers! Here's short video of how it works from TTPM Toy Reviews.

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3 - HEDBANZ Junior (What animal am I?)

Now this game is FUN!!!! Call it a "science" lesson on animals or a class on critical thinking.... either way it's great!

This game includes: 4 Headbands, 24 Animal Cards, 1 Animal Card Map, 32 Clue Cards, 4 Clue Card Mats, and instructions. Get Hedbanz now!

Top Board games for homeschoolers

4 - Wildcraft (An Herbal Adventure Game)

This Wildcraft board game takes kids through several ecosystems.

They will learn about medicinal plants, where they grow, and how to use them.

This board game is definitely a twist! If you're kids are into plants or if you want them to learn about them this game is the one. Check it out!


Top board games for homeschooling younger kids

5 - 5 Second Rule Jr.

Answer the question in 5 seconds!!! My kids LOVED this game. They get to answer silly questions like, "Name 3 zoo animals" or "Name 3 Superheroes". This game is a great lesson on critical thinking and categorizing. Check out 5 second rule jr. game now!