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Books Every Christian Moms Must Read 2019

Updated: May 17, 2019

(This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you)

I know..... moms usually don't have enough time to read. I'm a stay at home mom to 3 kids and I don't usually have time. Something I realized though about this is that I DO have time. I just choose to watch TV instead. Watching shows is my way of escape especially after a long day of homeschooling, cooking, laundry and games. The thing is I could sacrifice 1 episode or less to read the bible and a few pages of a devotional book. I actually feel better, I mom better, and I'm a happier wife as well.

Here are some great books to give yourself, your mom or your mom friends. A gift that will have lasting impact and on them and their families.

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Truth Unchanging is Becky's newest book! If you've read any of her books you'll know that Becky will definitely encourage, inspire and challenge moms to be closer to the one who could help them be the best moms they could be in spite of the craziness of motherhood. Hearing God daily is an important part of a mom's daily life but often than not because "mommying" is a crazy hectic life listening to God is often taken for granted. So let this book encourage you, your mom or your mom friends to listen to God daily despite the craziness.

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Pressing Pause was a life saver for me! Every topic was what I needed to hear to help me get through that day. The best thing is it seriously takes 3 minutes or less, depending on how fast you read, to be challenged and inspired to both be closer to Jesus and our families.

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These books are not as light reading as the other books above but doesn't mean it's less effective. You can still just choose to read a page or two to be encouraged and inspired. These books can just be your or theirs go to book when the day is going crazy and they don't know what else to do. These books will help them deal with specific frustrations when needed.

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If the mom you're thinking about buying these books for are mompreneurs then they will love these books! It will give them the courage to pursue their dreams.

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If you're looking for gifts to moms who are now grandparents, then these books are for them.

I hope you enjoyed this list and found something for the special moms in your life.

Pair up the books with these adorable gifts to make it even more special and fun! (Click an item for purchase)

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you found something helpful!

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