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6 Books Every Blogger Should Read

Updated: May 8, 2019

(This blog contains affiliate links)

Money Making Mom - I've never heard of this book before but when someone gave it to me the title caught my attention right away especially as a mom who is trying to start a business online. I started reading it and ate everything she had to say. I couldn't put the book down. I was highlighting her ideas and wrote down important notes I wanted to remember and apply. This book will be very helpful to any newbie mom who is trying to start a business . This book is on sale right now for only $5.70 from $22.99!!!! There is absolutely NO REASON not to get this book. Click book now for purchase!

Crystal Pane used the 2nd chapter focused on a really important topic to become successful. Who are you and what are you good at? She is helping many moms in business find out what they are really skilled and talented at. You can't fake it in blogging. Readers will know right away if you are faking it and they will never come back. Knowing who you are, what you are naturally good at and which extra skills will get you excited to learn more are all important part of being a successful blogger. The whole book is inspiring, helpful and encouraging. This book is a definite MUST READ to every mom blogger who wants to be successful.

The second book I read is by Ruth Soukup, How to Blog for Profit without Selling your Soul. This book is on sale right now for $8.32 from $15.99!!!! Get it today!

I love this book because Ruth says it straight up. She tells you what would work and what wouldn't. I like that she gives you the reality of blogging. This book also has step by step goals you could set up for yourself to be where you want to be little at a time. This book explains a lot of blogging helps that are easy to understand and follow. Again a MUST READ if you want to be successful. Something she said that I remind myself with everyday is to not compare your beginning with someone's middle.

Blogging gives your site a voice, so let your business’ personality shine through.

The third book is called Affiliate Marketing by Dan Moore.

This book is small and very easy to read, I finished it in a week. That's fast for being a full time mom! Some of his stuff may seem repetitive but it's exactly what I needed to understand affiliate marketing clearly. If you're a newbie who is still learning about what affiliate marketing is and how it works this is a good book for you.

The fourth book is by Jim Collins, Good to Great. This book is on sale right now for $14.99 from $32.50. Get it today!

This is not a blogging book but it's a great book to inspire you to be the best business mom you could be. He gives you facts and results from his studies of what makes companies great not just good. What makes them successful and different from the other companies around. Most of his findings are very much applicable to us moms especially if you want to use blogging as a business.

The fifth book I'm reading right now is by Ann Handley, Everybody Writes. This book is on sale for $17.99 from $25.00. Get it now!

If you have never taken writing classes before like me this book is for you. This book will help you. Every blogger who's been successful or at least from the ones I've read and researched, all said that great content is key to your success. Great content means great writing. Writing for the whole world to read is nerve racking! This book will help you become a better writer.

Last but definitely not the least is this book by Karen Ehman & Ruth Schwenk, Pressing Pause. This book is on sale for $10.63 from $18.99. Buy it today!

Our blogs are not going to be great if we are not healthy mentally & spiritually. I find it really hard to blog when I feel down, depressed, angry, frustrated, confused and hopeless. This book will only take 5-10 minutes of your time but it will definitely point you to someone you could trust.... to someone who cares, even about your blogging. This book has drawn me closer to Jesus, my husband, my kids, family and friends. I'm happier, more joyful and full of hope every time I choose to take a moment to read about what's really important.

I know I have a long way to go from where I want to be as an online business owner and blogger. These books and many more will help me get there. Being successful requires a lot of learning. We need guide from people that have been there to guide us. Get these books now to start learning and start moving forward one step at a time.

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