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3D Kindergarten Winter Craft

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Here's a really easy and fun way to entertain your kids this winter. I bet you already have all the materials you need as well. Kids and adults alike can use their imagination to create their winter wonderland house in 3D style. Here's ours!

Here are some snow fun fact links you can use as a science lesson.​

Here's a fun video you can you to make it even more fun and memorable!


Cotton Balls

Brown Art Paper

Any House Picture

Markers / Crayons




Cut slits in the brown paper along the long edge about 3 inches deep.

Fold the brown paper several times or crumple to make the trunk.

Separate and crumple cut pieces to make branches.

Glue the tree to any art paper.


We google house searched, "house coloring pages" and found this one.

Color the house image and cut it along the edge and glue it to the art paper next to the tree.

Glue cotton balls all over to make "snow".

Easy peasy. Happy Homeschooling!!!!

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