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"Painting" Ice Cubes

We did this fun activity yesterday after a science lesson on salt and ice. It's pretty easy and fun. Before we did the painting activity we talked about why people use salt on the road during winter sometimes. When salt is added to ice, salt dissolves the liquid water on the surface of the ice lowering it's freezing point below the ices temperature and causing it to melt. So when ice gets in contact with salty water it melts, creating more liquid water, which dissolves and creates more salty water therefore causing more ice to melt and so on. People use salt on roads to help the ice melt and avoid accidents.

We took a few ice cubes (easy peasy). Put it in little clear cup and sprinkled salt all over it until the kids could see it dissolve slowly. We used regular little ice cubes but if you want the "melting" to be more visible you could make colored ice the night before and use that.

After the 5 minute excitement of seeing the ice melt slowly we decided to "paint" or decorate the ice. It really entertained my kids for a while until the ice completely melted.

We used food coloring, glitter glue and stickers to make it more fun. My kids just later on found other things to put in it:) So easy, so fun and so different from our regular craft activities.

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Happy Homeschooling!!!!!

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