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Cotton Ball Craft

This is an easy cotton ball craft created by my son Levi. He thought of this idea all by himself:) He was bored and I told him to create something using cotton balls and this is what he came up with. Not bad at all:) The good thing about this craft is that you probably have all the items you need to make it somewhere around your house. It is easy and your kids could create any animal they want. Levi made a dog, sheep and a bunny and named them all. He now uses this craft as a pencil and marker holder.


Cotton balls

White plastic cups

White paper


Glue stick


1) Put glue around the cup.

2) Stick cotton balls.

3) Make eyes using white paper to glue in the cup or use markers to draw it directly in the cup.

4) Make ears using white paper.

Easy peasy!!! Have a happy homeschooling!!!!

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