45 Free Kindergarten Fun Printable Activities

Free Kindergarten Printable Activities LifeandHomeschooling Worksheets

Hello, friends! Welcome to life and homeschooling worksheets. I homeschooled 3 kids for 8 years and I know how much work it is to look for add-on worksheets.

I hope to be a blessing to as many moms as possible now that homeschooling is the only option due to the pandemic. 

These kindergarten printable activity worksheets were created with you and your kids in mind. Sometimes, kids want to take a break from their usual homework. They get easily tired of doing the same alphabet, number, sight word worksheets they have to do daily. It's great to have something fun to do in the mix. I often start homeschooling with something fun like this to get them excited about "school". This file is full of fun activities like ispy, find what is different, tracing, coloring, and word search. 

Just click and print! Easy peasy. Hope you have a great homeschool week!