Teaching My Kids How To Read

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3 keys to helping your

kids learn how to read.

The thought of teaching my 5-year-old how to read was scary. I was nervous about crying, screaming, throwing things, and most of all I was nervous that they will hate reading. After 8 years of homeschooling, I taught 3 of my kids how to read.


Step 1 - Stay Calm and Smile Always

The first thing that really helped me and helped them was being calm. How we start the process is always a key. If I seemed stress or angry even before the teaching begins, they don't want to learn or participate. They want to know right off the bat if this is going to be fun or not. And believe me, on some days, I wasn't really in the mood to teach. I really had to work on smiling at the beginning of the class, make sure that they feel loved, and kept encouraging them that they are already so smart. 

Step 2 - Be Consistent

I searched and searched for the right reading materials for my kids. I found some great ones but most of them only had a month or two worth of worksheets. I needed something more that would really make my kids feel confident to read and something that would last the whole year so that it could be a part of our routine and consistent. They gain more confidence when it's repetitive.

I created this 1 year long (September-June) sight word printable worksheets for my kids and it worked. They loved it and before I knew it they started reading little beginner chapter books with confident.

1st Grade Sight Words.png

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Step 3 - Build Confidence.

Having confidence is a big part of your success. If the kids feel confident that they could do it they will try even when they haven't learned the words yet. If they are confident and not scared of seeing words they don't know then it's a win! Next thing you know they will be reading to you instead of you always reading to them. My firstborn is now 10 and he loves reading. He reads on his own before bed. He especially loves books by Alan Gratz. These are great books about courage, adventure, and history.

Click here to get a 2-month free sample of our Kindergarten Sight Word Sentence Practice Worksheet. 

September Sight Words (1).png

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