Super Bowl

Last Minute Party Ideas

Did your husband "forgot" to tell you that he invited a "few" friends over for a Super Bowl Party?


Here are some of my favorite last-minute Super Bowl Party ideas from Pinterest. 


Idea #1- Football Utensil Holders. You could totally pull this off using brown art paper and white liquid glue from your homeschool arts & crafts supply! So easy, right? This idea is a part of a beautiful theme decor that was even featured at the today show by BRIT+CO.

Check out more of her ideas at



Idea #2 - Easy football brownies. Make brownies from the box. Cut it up however you want, squares like the picture above or use an oval cookie cutter (if you have a big one) to make it look more like a football. Draw lines with icing and done! And who doesn't like brownies???

This idea was from,


Idea #3 - A fun football stadium snack!!! Wow, I don't think I'll be watching the game. You'll find me parked next to the stadium snack instead. You could fill up this stadium with your family's favorite snacks. Find out how to make this stadium at,


Idea #4 - Football Deviled Eggs. This is a fun and delicious idea if done right. Something different besides sugar, right! I mean the fans probably don't need any more sugar anyway. Fans will have plenty of energy cheering and screaming so maybe not having too much sugar is good. Get this idea now from,

You all have a fun party!!! Who's gonna win?

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