School Themed Reading & Writing Activity Worksheet

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Hello, my name is Suel Pratt and I homeschooled for 8 years. I made this kindergarten school words reading and writing activity worksheet to help homeschooling moms and teachers.

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This set focuses mainly on school words. Each page has 3 words that kindergarteners or 1st graders could easily read, trace, and copy. They can even color most of the pictures if they want. Try free 6 pages  now or get all 20 pages at my TPT store.


I also picked words that are fun, easy and useful whether they are being homeschooled or in a traditional school. I love this worksheet because they get to read, trace, and copy!

Print free version or get all pages now.


Try the FREE version now or get all 20 pages at our TPT store for only $1. Please make sure to check out all the tab menus at the top to check out all of my FREE worksheets. Thank you so much!!!

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