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Write The Missing Numbers (Candy Corn Themed)

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Your little one will definitely enjoy counting and writing his or her numbers using these candy corn themed write the missing numbers printable activity worksheets.

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Write the missing numbers printable activity worksheets / Life and Homeschooling

Write the missing numbers printable activity worksheets

These pages are perfect for homeschooling and can be used teach both counting and writing numbers to preschoolers or kindergarteners. You can use it as a review as well if your child is already good with numbers.

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You can laminate the pages for multiple uses or just do one page a day to make it easier. It all depends on the day for sure. Some days our kids want to do more and some days are more of a struggle.

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Fall themed write the missing numbers worksheets / Life and Homeschooling

Fall Themed Write The Missing Numbers Printable Activity Worksheets

Each page has 6 candy corns with missing numbers. Your child will count starting from the top and write down which number or numbers are missing. Each page gets harder. Your little mathematician will count and write numbers 1-30!!!

If you are homeschooling multiple grades and have a preschooler to 1st grade, then this collection is even better. You can use the first 6 pages for your preschooler or kindergartener and use pages 7-12 for your 1st grader. It's a win win for sure!

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