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The 7 Continents Printable Activity Worksheets

15 pages that will surely teach your kindergartener, 1st grader or even 2nd grader about the 7 Continents of the world. These worksheets are fun, colorful, easy, & definitely educational. Keep reading to get your FREE pages!

The 7 Continents Printable Activity Worksheets

What's included?

In the first page your learner will read and follow the arrows to each of the 7 continents to get themselves introduced and familiar with each. Do it as many as times as they can. You can give them a sticker or candy each time they do so for encouragement and motivation. Keep reading to get FREE samples!

In few other pages your little learner will have fun circling the each continent to get them even more familiar with each one the easy way. We want them to start easy to reduce stress.

7 Continents printable activity worksheets

What's included?

In other pages your kindergartener, 1st grader or 2nd grader will draw arrows from the name to the right continent. This activity has an easy and hard version. The easy one is color coded. Each name has a colored dot similar to each of the continent. They can use the colors to help guid them to the right direction.

The next time they have to do this is no longer color coded.

What else?

Your learner will also get to label each continent. They will use their amazing scissor skills on this one. Cut, glue, and label... oh so fun!!! This activity is available in color and black/white.

Colored for easy.

Black & White for advanced. You may choose to use the easier ones for the lower level kids and the harder ones for your older kids:) It's a win win!

Other pages are fun too! They get to trace, copy the names, and glue the missing continents. Seriously, this is the 7 continents worksheets collection you need to get.

The best thing is it's only $3!!! You may purchase it here or at my TPT store here.

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Here's the link to get your free "7 Continents" samples.

Or click link below to download it in pdf.

7 continents sample
Download PDF • 1.47MB

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