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Snowflake Craft for Kids

The thing I like about this craft that we did today was that there are no rules or instructions! They can use as much of their own imagination as they can. The only instruction was to make a snowflake out of popsicle sticks. I did help my daughter who is 4 to get started but the rest was all her. They had so much fun! My oldest son, Levi is a perfectionist. It took him 15 minutes to decide what his snowflake would look like before actually making the craft. Miya on the other hand just goes with the flow. Usually, I like crafts that do have specific instructions. For me, it’s easier and I know what to expect. Having instructions make me feel more “prepared”. Prepared to answer questions and prepared to see the after mess:) Not having instructions could lead to all sorts of question. No instructions could also mean more mess as the kids are allowed to do and use whatever supplies they need. On the other hand it does have a lot of pluses. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Having a “no” rules/ “no” instructions type of craft is good for the kids. It’s good for them in many ways:

- It encourages and helps them to express their own personalities.

- It helps them be more confident.

- It helps teach them think for themselves.

- They get to feel “proud” of their own accomplishments.

- It encourages to be fun and think out of the box.

This fun sno craft is easy and fun! Try it this week:) Guess which one is Miya’s and which one is Levi’s :)

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