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Simple Handwriting Practice For Kids Who Hates Writing

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Take a break from the "usual" and use these fun and simple handwriting practice printable activities instead. Believe me, your child will thank you.

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Does your child struggle with writing? Does he or she throw a tantrum every time it's time to practice? Try this activity and see if it will help.

These pages are so easy and fun. Your little learner will learn how to copy words, spell, and write properly using the lines. The sentences are simple. Tear free guaranteed.

These pages are perfect for kids who are practicing writing and copying. It's not overwhelming. So if you have a child who struggles with writing, these activities might help them. Majority of the sentences starts the same, " I am a ....." to keep it simple.

Free Handwriting Practice Printable Activity Worksheets

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Keep reading to get 3 pages FREE!

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Seriously, these pages are so fun my kids loved it! As you could see from the images above, majority of the page focuses not on the handwriting activity but on the puzzle.

Why? The purpose of each page is to overcome the struggle of writing. You've probably done it all... writing in rice, in air, used q-tips, giant chalks in the sidewalk, etc. These activities are fun, I've done it all myself. Eventually though, they will need to write in paper with a pencil. And to some kids, this is just a nightmare. They don't want to do it.

These pages seem more like a puzzle game with a handwriting activity involved. If your child is really struggling, try solving the puzzle first and then write and copy the sentences after.

Try it and see if it would be helpful. I'm hoping that somehow a simple handwriting activity like this will break the struggle from paper and pencil.

I also highly recommend these activities...

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Magic Practice Copybook for Kids - This writing tracing book will automatically fade and can be reused. Kids who struggle with writing will find it fun and interesting.

Write-On Wipe-Off Let's Write Words - Kids love that they can write and draw all over these books, and parents love that the write-on, wipe-off format lets kids practice writing words over and over again.


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Handwriting Practice Sample
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Thank you for visiting and happy homeschooling!

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