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Rice Painting

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

This fun and unique way to paint is the perfect way to entertain your kids today. Each of your kids can pick their own favorite bug or animal to print or draw to make this even more fun for them. It's so easy and cheap! You probably already have all the materials needed and there's no need to rush to the dollar store to keep them entertained. Rice is so easy to clean up as well wether you have carpet or wooden floors. It seems daunting at first because rice DO get everywhere. But really it's so easy to clean up! They are easy to vacuum and very easy to sweep! Try this fun rice painting activity today!

Here are some links on fun facts about rice you can use to make this craft idea a science lesson. 

Here's a fun video you can use to make it even more fun!

Rice Painting


Any coloring page image of an animal, bug or insect. 

uncooked white rice

Water color or acrylic paint



Put glue all over the picture.

Glue white rice on the picture. 

Wait until you are sure that all the rice won't come off. 

Shake paper to get rid of loose rice. 

Start painting! 

Easy peasy! Cheap and fun!

Happy "rice" schooling

40 pages of free printable activities for kids ages 3-5. (PDF available for easy download. Click here!

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