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Preschool Lowercase Search & Find Activity

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Hello, Momma! Welcome to LifeandHomeschooling. I'm Suel Pratt and I homeschooled 3 of my kids for 8 years.

My favorite grade to teach is preschool-1st grade! I just love seeing my kids learn. I loved seeing them learn how to use scissors for the 1st time. Just holding it right takes a lot of work for those little hands.

I loved watching them explore flowers, soil, rocks, seeds and more. Homeschooling is fun! We definitely enjoyed every single part of it.

I created LifeandHomeschooling because I always needed more add on fun worksheets for my kids to do. The curriculum that we used had a lot of reading but not a lot of hands-on stuff.

I looked through the internet late at night looking for worksheets for them to do. I even paid for some only to find out my kids didn't want to do them. They are boring!

So, I started creating worksheets for my kids to use. It worked!

I created this SUPER EASY Search & Find worksheet for preschoolers or kindergarteners to help them learn lowercase letters the fun way. Most lowercase letters worksheets out there are all about tracing. My kids got tired of tracing pretty fast! So, here's an alternative. When they are bored with tracing, you can whip this activity up and do a game instead.

Here are a couple of FREE pages just for you for visiting. You may purchase all 55 pages at my shop here or if you prefer you can purchase it at my TPT store.

Download these FREE pages now and see if your preschooler will like it! There's nothing wrong with trying:)

Check out the other pages here:

Don't forget to check out all other FREE printables!

Thank you so much for visiting LifeandHomeschooling. Enjoy your worksheets and see you again soon!

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