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Preschool Daily Morning Work 1

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Hello, Mommas. How's homeschooling doing? I just want to take this time to share with you a new worksheet I created. Before I do, I want to share a couple tips on how to make your homeschooling "morning work" easier.

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Our homeschool started each day at 10 am. Being consistent with time helped me and my kids get ready mentally. It was a routine we followed, so they knew exactly when it was time to do some organized learning. I chose 10 because I'm not a morning person and I need to have at least 2 cups of coffee first before I can mentally function. It also gave my kids time to play and not feel like school was the first thing right away.

(We broke this rule on some days, of course)

I also suggest starting with a game, especially if your kids are preschool-kindergarten age. Fun is always the key. My kids looked forward to school because they enjoyed the games and crafts we did first. Lure them in with some fun board game, puzzle, or craft.

When the "fun" stuff was over, we did a simple worksheet. This worksheet I created is perfect for preschool age kids who are just learning their ABC's.

Each page is simple, but it will teach them most of what they require preschool kids to know.

Keep reading for FREE samples.

What they will learn:

- Write their names

- Color in line

- Trace and write all uppercase letters

- Colors

- Tracing straight lines

- Count 1-20

- Trace and write numbers 1-10

- Rhyme

This is the perfect worksheet to do after having done a fun board game or craft. It is not overwhelming or too long to finish. Thus, a tear free worksheet your littles will love.

They can choose what to do first. If they prefer to practice coloring in line first, let them. It doesn't matter in what order they do the activity, they just need to finish:)

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My Daily Morning Work copy
Download PDF • 493KB

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This fun activity was a game my kids love. It is teaching them creativity and imagination. Check it out!

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