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Mermaid Sight Words Search & Find

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Mermaids!!! Every child has at least dreamt of being a mermaid, at least once. Mermaids are magical and they spark imagination!

Keep reading to get FREE samples.

If your child LOVE mermaids... then these pages are for you!!!

These mermaids are so adorable your child would love to color them and allow them to be their sight word teachers each day.

These mermaids are surrounded by so many words, but only a few are the right ones.

Help the mermaids collect the right words on each page. Seriously, SO FUN!!!

Mermaid Sight Words Search and Find/ LifeandHomeschooling

Mermaid Sight Words Search and Find

This activity will not only teach your little learner how to read each sight words but they will also get to review colors. They will have to use the right color to help the mermaids gather the right words.

My kids had so much fun with this activity. They fell in-love with the mermaids and wanted to color them every day. I was so happy to see them enjoy learning!

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Mermaid Sight Words / Life and Homeschooling

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Here are your FREE SAMPLES!!! Happy Homeschooling!!!

Mermaid Sight Words SAMPLE
Download PDF • 2.21MB

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