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Free Scissor Cutting Skill Practice Printable Activity Pages

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Are you teaching your kids how to cut straight following lines? These scissor cutting skill practice printable activity pages don't just do that! These pages are so fun they would want to cut straight in order to complete the fun pictures in each pages.

Keep reading to get your FREE sample below!

Scissor Practice Printable Activity Pages

My kids were easily bored with the usual "follow the lines" cutting activities we did before. They were bored with the same patterns and would only do one or two.

Keep reading to get a FREE sample!

I created these pages with your little one in mind. How?

- each page is different

- each page only consist of few items they need to cut so they're not overwhelmed or bored

- they get to solve a problem and fix the pictures given on each page making the activity more interesting and fun

- I chose items that are fun for kids to color

This collection has 12 fun pages. You may purchase all pages at my shop here or at my TPT store here for $2 only!!!

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Scissor Skill Cutting Printable Activity Pages with Art

In this collection your kids will cut, glue, color, and make these pictures...

- sun

- tree

- kite

- lamp

- rainbow

- butterfly

- wagon

- stars

- ant

- popsicles

- TV

- robot

This collection has 12 fun pages. You may purchase all pages at my shop here or at my TPT store here for $2 only!!!

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Click link below to get your free sample

Scissor Practice Art Sample
Download PDF • 764KB

I also highly recommend these scissor cutting skills activities to make learning even more fun. (affiliate links)

My First Book of Cutting - Use this book to help your child practice cutting with scissors . This is seriously a fun book. My kids loved it.

Ready, Set, Cut - Your kids will learn to cut and craft! Get it now!

Just in case you missed the link... Click here to get your FREE SAMPLE!

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