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Free Rhyme / Rhyming Printable Activity Worksheet

Updated: Mar 17

Free Rhyme/Rhyming Printable Activity Worksheet

Rhyming Printable Activity Worksheet

This rhyming printable activity worksheet set is perfect for your kindergartener or 1st grader. It's a fun activity for kids who kind of already know how rhyming words work.

(Keep reading to get 2 free sample pages)

It's a great material for review at the beginning or end of the school year. Or just they can simply use it for a fun rhyming activity each day.

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Free Rhyming Printable Activity Worksheet for Kindergarteners or 1st graders

This set includes.....

15 pages of matching rhyming words with the right picture

10 pages of tracing words and match

Directions: Choose a word in the box that rhymes with the pictures below.

Directions: Trace and say the words, find the right matching word in the box and copy.