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Free Missing Addends Printable Worksheet

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Free missing addends printable worksheet

Hello, Homeschoolers! Check out these fun missing addends printable worksheets. This set has 10 pages available and you can print your FREE sample at the end of this post.

The concept of solving a missing number in an equation like the picture above can be hard for 1st graders. Just remember to take it one day at a time. To us it makes sense, to us moms it is easy. But we have to remember that to our little learners this is huge and scary. A lot of patience, encouragement, and love will help them overcome.

Here are some ideas how to help your little learner solve the problems...

  • Observe the numbers given - ask questions like, "what numbers do you see available?"

  • Use the numbers given to find the missing addend by subtracting the higher number with the lower number. For example (first one from picture above), the numbers available are 1 and 6. To find the missing addend, we have to subtract 6 with 1. (6-1=5)

  • 5 is your missing number because 1+5=6.

This concept will help children understand the connection between numbers.

How will this set help you?

These pages are awesome because it is fun. I've included cutting and gluing in the activity to make it less "scary".

The pages are in large print and only have 6 problems to solve.

Free missing addends printable worksheet

Missing Addends Printable Worksheets

This set has 10 pages available for purchase at my shop here or at my TPT store here for $1.20 only. Grab it now!

VIP Members, this set is already available for you for free. Log in here.

VIP members pay a onetime fee of $24.99. They get unlimited 6 month access to all my worksheet sets or collections.

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Here's your FREE sample! Just click download the image and print!

missing addends SAMPLE
Download PDF • 321KB

Thank you so much for visiting and happy homeschooling

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