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FREE Math Preschool - Kindergarten Worksheet Bundle

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

80 FREE math activity worksheet pages created just for you, homeschooling moms!!!

Looking for worksheets every day or even every week can be tiring. So my hope in creating this free bundle is to free you of this stress, at least for a few weeks.

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Keep reading to get the free bundle!

Free Math Preschool - Kindergarten Bundle

In this bundle your kindergartener or 1st grader will do....

- addition

- subtraction

- dot to dot

- counting

- patterns

- matching

and more!!!

Please don't forget to share this bundle with your friends who are also looking for free materials!

Keep reading to get your FREE BUNDLE

You can also SAVE A LOT of money by signing up to become a VIP member.

Let me tell you why....

- it's a 6 month unlimited access

- You will have access to over 100 collections. That's over 2000 pages!

- You will automatically get future worksheets I will create during those 6 months delivered to you straight in your email.

All these for just $24.99!!! Hurry, become a VIP MEMBER NOW!

Free Preschool Math Worksheet Bundle

Are you looking for a free math bundle for your preschooler or kindergarten. This one is for you!

You can do a page a day and have a fun math activity for 80 days!

You preschooler or kindergartener will enjoy and learn patterns, counting, matching and more!!!

These pages are so fun they will absolutely love it!

Here's a list again of what they will get to do....

Addition, subtraction, patterns, dot-dot, counting, matching, shapes, puzzles, counting by 10's , spelling word numbers and more!!!

Keep reading to get your free bundle!

I also highly recommend these board games to make your homeschooling even more fun!

Ocean Raiders is an engaging math board game. Kids raid the ocean, brave storms and play with sea creatures while mastering addition.

A hilarious game of give and take where kids develop confidence and solid math skills. Every player has fun as cards are constantly changing hands!

Eight (8) Unique Magic Worlds: Desert Island, Dinosaur Island, Pirate Island, Zombie Island, Unicorn Island, Ice Island, Dragon Island, and Ninja Island!

Click link below to get your FREE MATH BUNDLE! 80 pages!

Math 80 pages
Download PDF • 29.06MB

Thank you so much for visiting! Don't forget to share this awesome resource to your friends.

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