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Free Beginning Sound Printable Activity Worksheet

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Free Beginning Sounds Printable Worksheets

This beginning sounds printable worksheet set will make learning phonics even more fun for your kindergartener or 1st grader.

(Keep reading to get 2 free sample pages)

Whether you are a homeschooling mom or a classroom teacher to 20 kids, this set will help you assess where your student is at with phonics.

This set has 12 pages available for purchase at my shop here or at my TPT store here for $1.50 only.

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Free Beginning Sounds Worksheet

The activity is simple but challenging enough to make it interesting and not boring for kids.

(Keep reading to get 2 free sample pages)

What will they do?

Each row will have a group of images. 2 of them will start with the same beginning sound.

Your little learner will then circle the images that start with the same beginning sound.

Then, your student will write the right uppercase letter that represents that sound.

This will help you see if your student is remembering what letter makes that sound and see if he or she remembers what that letter looks like in uppercase.

If your student enjoys coloring, they may go an extra mile by coloring the images in each page. They are fun pictures:)

Beginning sound printable activity worksheet

Beginning Sound Printable Worksheet

Just in case you missed it....

This set has 12 pages available for purchase at my shop here or at my TPT store here for $1.50 only.

I also highly suggest these phonic games for kids to make your homeschooling even more fun. (This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you)

Phonics Card Game (3 levels) - There are many ways to play AGO phonics card games. Action cards (such as jump, pick up, change color etc) add to the fun. Students learn the phonics sounds and patterns in a natural, fun way with these fascinating educational game cards.

Vowel Owl Sorting Set - Practice phonics and word recognition

Free beginning sound printable activity worksheets

Click the link below to download your free samples!!!

Same Beginning Sound Sample
Download PDF • 478KB

Thank you for visiting and happy homeschooling!

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