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Dinosaur Sight Word Search & Find Printable Activity

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Dinosaur sight word search and find printable activity worksheet pages.

Roar!!! You might consider us as "bad" parents after reading this, but my husband and I introduced the Jurassic Park movie to our young kids months ago. Our kids are 11,8, and 6.

But before you raise your eyebrows.... we had a reason. Our kids were into dinosaurs! I know there's plenty of dinosaur movies and shows out there, but they've seen it. We've seen ALL Land Before Time movies.

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Land Before Time vs. Jurassic Park? Big step right. Well, they loved it! We were all snuggled and screamed together.... lol!!

I think it was educational. It gave them a different picture of what dinosaurs were really like.

If your kids are into dinosaurs.... these pages are for you!

These dinosaur sight word search and find printable activity is a great alternative to the usual sight word activities out there.

Why? Because they get to help the dinosaurs find the right sight words:)

These dinosaurs are friendly, unlike the ones from the Jurassic Park movie.

Keep reading to get FREE samples.

Dinosaur Sight Word Search and Find Printable Activity

This set has 35 pages in all available for purchase at my shop here or at my TPT store here for $9.99 only.

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Here's a list of other FREE dinosaur worksheets I have:

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Dinosaur Sight Words SAMPLE
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