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Back to School Preschool - Kindergarten Sale (8/14 - 9/4)

How much do you usually spend on worksheets? A dollar here and a dollar there eventually adds up. This is why Life and Homeschooling is having a preschool - kindergarten BACK TO SCHOOL subscription sale for 3 weeks!!! With all that's going on, my hope is to help as many of you moms or dads who are getting ready for this year's homeschooling or distance learning SAVE lots of money. Sign up now!

Life and Homeschooling's Back to School Preschool - Kindergarten Subscription Sale....

What's included?

3 month unlimited access to all 97 collections!!! That is over 2,000 pages!!! Sign up now.

Details please....

30 Language Arts Worksheets

25 Math Worksheets

8 Science and Social Studies Worksheets

9 Seasonal/Holiday Worksheets

11 Games (Ispy, Find the difference, and more)

14 New Worksheets (Mixture of everything)

You will also receive new worksheets straight from your email!

ALL THESE FOR $12.50 only!!! Sign up now!!!

Get it before it's too late. This Back to School sale will end in 3 weeks (Sept. 4) and will be back to it's original price of $24.99. Sign up now and save!!!

Subscribing will definitely save you a lot of money. Why? All collection sold at our TPT store costs more than $200 if you were to buy all. By subscribing you only have to pay $12.50!!! That's A LOT OF SAVINGS!!!

That's $12.50 for an unlimited single access for 3 months!!! That is right.... 3 months!!

Sign up now!

About Me:

I'm Suel Pratt and I created and own Life and Homeschooling. I homeschooled for 9 years. This year I have a 6th, 2nd, and 1st grader. I created all these worksheets and my kids approved them all. They enjoyed our classes and loved learning. Well, most days they did. We definitely had a lot of "bad days" as well. I hope that your kids will find our worksheets fun and easy. I created each one of them with you and your kids in mind. Thank you for being a part of life and homeschooling. I definitely appreciate each one of you!

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