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Add or Subtract? Pumpkin Themed Printable Worksheets

Teach your kindergartener or 1st grader how to analyze and understand simple math addition and subtraction equations through these fun fall pumpkin themed add or subtract printable worksheets.

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Free Add or Subtract Fall Pumpkin Themed Printable Worksheets

Make learning math even more fun using our pumpkin add or subtract worksheets. Each page has 6 equation they have to solve. The first few pages are easy with smaller numbers. The other pages are harder with higher numbers.

This activity will help your child understand adding and subtracting even more. Plus, they can easily get bored with adding and subtracting numbers... so this activity challenges them in a different fun way but still learn the concept.

You could use math manipulative to help or use the pumpkins below as a guide.

Free Pumpkin Themed Add or Subtract Printable Worksheets

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I also highly recommend these products to make learning math even more fun.

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Free Pumpkin Themed Add or Subtract Printable Worksheets

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Pumpkin Add or Subtract Sample
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