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Numbers, numbers, numbers! Remember that day or night your little one could finally count from 1 -10.

Oh... we are so proud! We asked them to count for us over and over again. We are so proud that we even

would often ask them to count anytime and anywhere we have the opportunity to do so.

We love teaching our little kids numbers. We love teaching them how to count. 

Counting and singing songs can be easy but moving on to recognizing what the number four looks like is a different story. 

I remember, trying to teach my 3-year-old what numbers 1-5 look like and took a month! She wasn't motivated and I think that she was playing with me. She actually did know which one is which but to press my button she would often pretend she didn't know. Can any of you relate? 

Anyway,  that's my little teaching numbers story. What is yours? 

I created this matching numbers activity worksheet to help 4-6-year-olds recognize their numbers in a fun game way. It doesn't feel

like school or homework. 

These 8 samples are yours for FREE. you just need to download and print. You may purchase the whole set of 30 pages at my TPT store for only $2. The set includes matching numbers from 1-100!

Don't be shy now. Go ahead and download your 6 FREE samples now to print!

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