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Distance Learning Resource For Kindergarteners

(85 FREE pages, PDF available)

Free Distance Learning Resource for Kindergarteners

Hello, Mommas of preschoolers or kindergarteners. When the news started to spread about the coronavirus I thought to myself, "I will never have to worry about this." Today, LAUSD just announced its cancellation of school for two weeks starting Monday to be safe. 

For a lot of moms this can really cause panic. Who will watch the kids? What will I do with my kids for 2 weeks all day? 

I homeschooled my kids for 8 years and I work from home. This news actually excites me. I miss having my kids all day and be their "teacher". 

But to be honest, I'm also nervous...

A lot of us moms are worried right now. Worried about our kids and their safety. 

LifeandHomeschooling would like to offer help by offering all these fun worksheets to do with your kids for FREE!!!!! 85 FREE pages just for you! Just click, download and print. 

Thank you and I pray for you and your families to stay healthy. Have a great 2 weeks with your kids. Don't forget to share this page to your friends!  

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